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Hooray for Boobies & Other Fat Lady Tales

✏ 38 year old cis female ✏ Fat ✏ Married ✏ Crazy Cat Lady ✏ Opinionated ✏ Swear-ey ✏ All caps silliness ✏ occasional pretendy writer ✏ LJ immigrant ✏ Journaling since 2006 ✏ Ex chatroom /forum role player ✏ Now on Tumblr ✏
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Hello Dreamwidth. Hello journaling actually, since, I believe, my last actual regular writing in a journal happened sometime in 2014. I am going to tryyyyyy to make an honest to god journal entry here at least once a week. Even if it's a shitty entry. (And let's be honest, my entries are kinda always like that but hey it's my party and I'll ALL CAPS IF I WANT TO.) I hope you enjoy the wtfery that is me and my boring life hi.


❀ 38 years old
❀ Cis female
❀ Overweight, but, changing how I eat slowly but surely (Don't call me Shirley)
❀ Cat momma to 5, all shelter-rescued
❀ Bird momma to 3, all shelter-rescued
❀ occasionally about as mature as a 12 year old giggling about fart jokes.
❀ --actually, I DO giggle about fart jokes
❀ blunt
❀ no longer afraid to share TMI most of the time
❀ officially diagnosed a few years ago as depressive AND bi-polar II, the sexiest of the bi-polar's
❀ a role player.
❀ a one-time published once author but the stress of thinking my shit is good enough to get published after that has kept me from trying again gooood job asshole me
❀ a believer of medical marijuana also a supporter
❀ a fan girl for Star Wars, Mass Effect, The Witcher, Hot Elves of all types, Medieval fantasy, and a plethora more of very pretty people.
❀ a coffee addict
❀ a lover of ancient/historic chinese/japanese/korean dramas and movies
❀ occasional anime weeabo

If this roller coaster of geekery sounds good to you LETS BE FRANDS OK??
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