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This is the ENTIRE story of dealing with having to LEGALLY be in contract, in Florida, with a Septic company if you own an Aerobic Septic System. This is what we've been dealing with. This is why you're gonna hear about that crazy lady in Florida who kills people with glitter.

This fuckery is long so I put it behind this cut )
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I've been reading and listening to all the suggestions everyone's giving on my last Dreamwidth/Live Journal post where I asked for help and suggestions in making life less messy. In a 1 bedroom apartment with five birds, 2 cats and 2 geeks that generally get distracted sometimes, things can look worse than they are after just a day of relaxing.

I spent some time re-arranging the black cubes/book shelves and managed to simply throw out 2 tall candles, 1 large one, a decorative plate that I wasn't even showing off (just using it for the big candle I I ended up throwing out).

I cleared the top and now it's just Darth Vader sitting up there. The tiny shelf above the black cubes/book shelves got cleared out as well, now it only holds The Jedi Path.

I tackled the kitchen pantry last night. I'm going to show photos of the only place we can currently store cans, food stuffs and cooking supplies and you'll probably be all like: Grrrrrrrl that a mess. But let me tell you that I pulled that apart last night, threw out bits and pieces of things we haven't used/cooked with in a long time and despite the mess, am rather proud at how clean it looks now. (So imagine how bad it was before.)


I'm not sure I want to be rid of the corkboard in the kitchen. Currently it's the only place to hang the herbs from my garden to dry, place important papers so I don't lose them and show case the memorabilia I have. Such as the only piece of artwork I've ever gotten in the mail from someone, the hand-made anniversary card for Shawn, Raven's cat collar and the "Just Married," Disney pin from our honeymoon. It doesn't get in the way of opening the pantry or the fridge at the moment and that's pretty much a plus.

I tried selling Shawn on the idea of chucking the living room table and replacing it, as suggested, with a single ottoman with storage, or a big steam trunk or as Lyrical suggested, an old toy trunk and painting it to use it as a table/extra seat/storage. We got it before we got three more birds, when we had room for it and it didn't get in the way. Now more than ever, it just annoys me. I don't like it anymore and it eats up space. I can't quite convince him. He looked at the table and then looked at me like I was slightly insane when trying to explain to him how it's starting to bug me. "It's just a table--it's fine where it is." And I love him, I really do...but sometimes he's so wonderfully, frustratingly, typically male.

The biggest issue I think I need to address is everything having it's place and always putting that thing back in that specific place. It's easy to set a spoon down here or there instead on my way, or let a tea bag sit on the counter instead of putting it in it's basket, or shove a pot in the cabinet willy-nilly and shut the door.

I don't think ahead after. I don't realize how much I drive myself batty later when I got to get a frying pan and seven pots fall out because I was too lazy to care where I put shit earlier.

I don't understand why this is a growing issue with me of a sudden. I've this sudden obsession with having an apartment that doesn't look like someone's bedroom with the added bonus of a kitchen--but I'm not sure why.

Maybe it's the seasons changing, maybe it's a reflection of my mind. Maybe I'm just as weird and crazy as everyone thinks I am.
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(If you, like me, live under an internet rock and don't pay attention to headlines? Here's a little back story to what I am caterwauling about:

There are people saying she set him up. That she purposefully goaded him and then recorded him to release it on the net for fun and profit.

There are people saying she is a gold digger and getting what she deserves.

There are people saying that she probably did something to provoke him.

I don't care what she said to "provoke" him, I don't care WHO she released the tapes to, or if she's making money off of this or that--I don't care. Gibson's behavior is inexcusable.

This behavior is not okay. For anyone. Rich, poor, famous, redneck, blue collar--doesn't matter. SEMI-SANE PEOPLE WITH A GOOD GRASP ON REALITY AND SOME ANGER MANAGEMENT DO NOT SAY THESE THINGS.

Say it with me: It is not excusable. It is not healthy. It is not cool to respond to someone who annoys or irks you, in this manner, at any time.

No one ever deserves to be talked to in this way, regardless of background.

There are women, men and children hearing this everyday of their lives and they don't deserve it either. I cannot stress this enough: no one deserves to be abused. Ever.

Even the abusers.
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So I did.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell Walmart? Walmart and associates love hearing from our customers.

Shopping at Wal-mart itself seems to generally be a soul-sucking experiences. The cashiers look tired and overworked, they do not smile and hang lifelessly about packing groceries and making customers feel like they are cutting into THEIR time.

Various employees in other departments, meat, pharmacy, stock and such seem to reflect the same attitude. It is poor, and it makes shopping there something I look forward to getting over with AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Had I the money and the economy were any better? I wouldn't shop at Walmart for anything ever again. I would go grocery shopping at Publix, where the aisles are bright and clean, the associates and staff seem happy and smile and genuinely go out of their way for people.

I would go to target for my other everyday needs, where bright colors and shiny floors with helpful, smiling people meander the store and--even if they hate their jobs--at least they don't LOOK like it. Or attempt to bore holes into my head and make me feel as if it I were intruding on them every time I wished to have a purchase rung up.

I understand as a company that you need to sacrifice a lot to offer us the things you do as cheaply as you do.

But maybe you need to start rethinking on not skimping when it comes to who you hire at Wal-Mart.

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First: To all fellow role players, current role play partners, past role play partners, anyone anonymously watching my journal whom may role play around me or near me--If I have ever done the following to you? Please accept my sincerest apologies. I am sorry. I never want to do this again; please feel free to flame the shit out of me if I do it again in the future.

What is it I am talking about?

I am talking about ignoring the shit out of same-sex players. I am so fucking tired of it!

In and out of my play the last two months, the increasing number of times I have had my female characters outright: ignored, dismissed, rejected, visibly looked over and etc and so on by other female characters, for them to role play with male characters is ridiculous.

I have stopped counting on hands.

Even when I was role playing my female characters with their male partners both myself and my rp partner did our best to reach out and include the room, fellow players, etc--with increasing snubbery going on (either because people assume we would ignore them to go have a make-out session I guess, or because you know---Neither character were single or interesting enough to play with), because when I am in a public room I am not role playing there to LIMIT my interactions!

To take a slice of real life (I know this isn't real life, bear with me okay?), as a human I need interaction with more than just my husband. I need my friends, be they online or in real life. Most of my friends, believe it or not? Are the same sex as me. ::GASP:: That's right! They're female! I don't expect them to drop their lives and come running, I don't expect them to come hang out with me without their husbands or S.O' But they're able to hang out with me and their S.O's AT THE SAME TIME. NOVEL CONCEPT, NO? And just like in the above example, in order for my characters to be well rounded and 3-d to me, I think having friends, confident, trusted, acquaintances and what not are important for a character too.

I am especially sick and tired of the certain loud voices crying that they don't get enough attention, lime light, spotlight or are constantly ignored--because guess what? I make note. I do. I really, really do. And do you know what I do?

I got and take my not-so-well-known characters into the inn and personally make it a point of mine to track down these characters that have complained. And I try and play at them or start something.

Do you know what happens when I do?

That's right. I get completely ignored if my character is the same sex as theirs.


And I am just so frustrated to the point of giving up. Why? Because this sorta stuff shouldn't hold any power over my play, and I refuse to let it bother me any further than it just has. I don't want to waste energy smashing my head against the keyboard in sheer frustration over this.

Ladies, if you aren't getting enough dick in real life--go find yourself a porno and a great little thing I like to call a vibrator, or take yourself and your partner to private IM's and cyber your face off--don't come into a damn public room for the SOLE PURPOSE of IGNORING EVERYONE BUT THE PENIS AT YOUR SIDE, okay?


DSJDHsad Gah.


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