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What I have been doing with what's left of my sanity, (If I had any) and life.

And then I made a thing with cats:

It's been one of those weeks.
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Hi I stream video of the games I play sometimes.

Not currently streaming. But I have. And I will.

You’ll find me streaming Vanguard, EQ II, Firefall, Age of Wushu, Neverwinter or Guild Wars 2 for now. Any other game I get in the meantime I will probably stream. While I stream my little butterclumps you will be able to hear my angelic voice via the sorcery of technology.

You won’t need to log in to watch when I stream live. (Nor do I think you need one to watch previous recordings.) However, if you want to chat with me directly while I stream, I do believe you will need a log in.

I will do my best to share a link when I am live streaming.

I hope that you will come with me, my beautiful kittens, and that we will go on many fucking adventures together.

My game streaming channel:
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In bullet time:

  • Got a mammogram last week. Didn't get a call back until two days ago. They found something they aren't 100% sure of on my right boulder, so they want me back in to do an ultra sound/breast compress. They must not be very worried, they scheduled that two weeks from now.

  • Go to Orlando Friday to get my second set of Biometerics for immigration. (Fingerprinting AGAIN). This is the second set of fingerprints. I will more than likely have to go get a third when I apply for full citizenship.

  • Saving up for a house is hard. We haven't managed to put anything away this year, but we did manage to update A LOT of computer stuff. Our second, larger SSD drives will arrive in time for SWTOR and I couldn't be happier.

  • I have high blood pressure. The Dr. said before he wants to even think of medicating, I am to buy a BP monitor and keep records. Have been doing so.

  • Dr. also said drop as much of the carbohydrates as possible. Am trying ; ; It's hard and I am basically hungry all the time right now.

  • Last thing to get out of the way is Lady Bits. But it has to wait again because our money's tied up in Dr.s

  • Teeth cleaning coming up soon too. Augh.

  • I HAVE PUT UP ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS IN MY HOUSE AND I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS I LOVE IT. <3 All caps for excitement! Christmas is coming! Which means a Who Wants A Mel Christmas Card post + Wish list exchange post is coming up.

  • Created a Holiday wish: hoping for $200 raised from now until Jan 1st for Diabetes.

  • Planning and writing HUGE December event for RDI, this time ON PURPOSE and with ENTHUSIASM and less FEAR

  • NaNoWriMo word count sits at 3707 on day 2. I thinks that's just spiffy and look forward to winning another year.

  • If you'd like to read what I've written so far, I have them up at D.A.

    I also have a huge list of writing resources for fellow NaNoWriMo writers, and they can be found here:

    Also spending way too much time on Google+ and Tumblr.

    P.S, have these:
    eeeeexcellent thisistotallysaneguys

    Hi Live Journal/ Dream Journal. I am bad at keeping up with you now--did I miss anything?--forgive me?
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    Since I posted this on my Google+ and my Facebook, I decided to post this here, too.

    Sorry about that, Live Journal :( But compared to the instantaneous nature of Google+ and such, I'm sort of distracted from you right now. I still love you, though.

    Also, I am really hoping we get kids this Halloween. We didn't get a single visitor last year :(

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    I had a little money to myself that Shawn gave me. I told him to keep it but we argued over it and he insisted.

    So I sat on it for a week mulling over what to spend it on. To be TMI I needed underwear. I was down to pretty much four pair. So off to walmart I went for some cute just my sizes. And then I realized they were selling shirts for $5 and I bought a lovely purple one and then I also realized they had the softest pair of pants, nice and thin for Florida heat so I picked that up--as well as a new baking sheet because ours has finally gone the way of blackened and it really isn't suitable to cook sweets on anymore. And then on my way to the register I found these HUGE GLASS MUGS--they must hold at least 4 cups worth. Shawn has had one for years and I've always lusted over it especially during the summer when all I've wanted was a giant assed cup of ice water. So I snagged one and walked out with less than half of what he'd given me.

    I was supposed to spend the rest gettin' my hairs did. But I couldn't bring myself to do it.

    Thanks to Danielle, I was able to give my birdies new toys a few months ago. But the thing to do is give them something new (or rotate toys out) every month. These are living creatures that rely on me to entertain them and when I am too caught up in house work or writing or doing whatever it is I am doing online and can't pay attention to them--they have to rely on themselves, each other, and their toys for entertainment.

    And we just can't currently keep ahead of the bird toys. The ones they like, they destroy so I can't keep and rotate. The ones they don't like I rotate out but Nugget and Tweeps rarely pay attention to any toy that withstands their destructive behavior. So I'm left with cleaning, sanitizing and rotating the same things.

    So I spent the rest of the week and a half agonizing over bird toys and whether I should get them. I finally broke down this morning and got four. Four = $50, when originally I have 9. But those 9 toys were NOT eligible for super saving shipping and = $62 and $35 of that would have been shipping alone.

    I could not justify spending that much on toys that generally cost at most, $5. But I couldn't stand the thought of my birdheads having to deal with another six months of looking at the same toys. I was all, "OH GOD THEY ARE TRAPPED WITH ME FOREVER IF I DON'T GET THEM NEW THINGS I AM A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING AND BASICALLY TORTURING THEM WITH MY LOVE WHO DOES THAT? HORRIBLE PEOPLE LIKE ME, THAT'S WHO."

    I went back and spent another four hours agonizing over what to buy and making sure it was all eligible for free super savings. So while I bought 4 larger and forage-friendly toys, they will probably last longer and the shipping was only $7.

    Used to be able to save a lot of money shopping online. Now I'm thinking with the shipping, it's just not worth it.

    Besides that, maybe if I stopped shopping online I would stop taking three weeks to decide to buy one thing. Shawn just finds it amusing. "We don't have money," he says, "I take you out and you spend the whole time pointing out sales--things you want, things you'd like to buy. Stuff we can't afford.

    "I give you money and you won't buy anything."

    He clearly needs to guilt me into it.


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