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What I have been doing with what's left of my sanity, (If I had any) and life.

And then I made a thing with cats:

It's been one of those weeks.
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The moment you've all been waiting for. ASK DRUNK MEL SHIT, THE VIDEO.

yes my friends. Another drunk Mel Video.
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Shawn and I have only been officially married for two years. Although I have been calling him my husband for the nearly 9 we've been together.

We went to Texas de Brazil in Orlando for our anniversary dinner, and then on a whim, Shawn suggested we visit the Kennedy Space Center, because really, what would be more fitting for two geeks to do (at that time, at that place, on the way home in Florida anyway).

So we went and viewed and saw neat space-things, but for me the unexpected highlight of the day was the Star Trek exhibition, featuring authentic movie/episode costumes, props and models. THAT was truly amazing and not expected and something my teen-age-in-love-with-Data-self squeed over.

The small thing that loomed over everything was the knowledge that this July will be the LAST shuttle take off. Funding for the space program here in Florida has been cut off. Florida's "space coast," was built entirely around sending people into space. What will become of it when that stops?

Below this cut the rest of the bajillion pictures of the day.  )
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I went a little over--Shawn took use to Panera Bread for lunch and surprisingly they had CINNAMON BUNS THEY WERE SO SQUISHY I COULDN'T PASS THEM ONE UP ; ;

This is me, trying to eat better and be less fat  )
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Mom is out of the hospital and home.

I switched back to my original, disgustingly too bright lemon-yellow lay out because I just can't make up my mind anymore as to what layout I want on my LJ.

My hair is still fabulous and if it's possible for a hair cut to empower your self esteem it has happened.

This week, I went back to and decided to follow their meal plans. Shawn and I got the groceries for it today--there is a crazy amount of fruit and veggies in our house. We decided because we're such big people to stick to a 2000 calorie for this week, lower it to 1900 after 2 weeks of sticking to the first, and then lower it again to 1800 for six months. If we can stick to it, we'll hike it to 1500 and go from there.

I am so glad someone kept recommending Sparkpeople to me. It's the easiest website I've ever had to use in keeping track of what I eat, how I eat, how much water, talking to other people, sharing goals and also planning meals. I can just let the meal planner figure out what to eat that week, hit up the generated grocery list, tweak it for 2 for Shawn and I and print. Done and done.

The birds are fine. Shawn is fine. I am going to be fine. People on my friends list seem to be doing fine and so everything seems fine.

Things can return to emotionally semi-nominal.

So I hope.


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