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In bullet time:

  • Got a mammogram last week. Didn't get a call back until two days ago. They found something they aren't 100% sure of on my right boulder, so they want me back in to do an ultra sound/breast compress. They must not be very worried, they scheduled that two weeks from now.

  • Go to Orlando Friday to get my second set of Biometerics for immigration. (Fingerprinting AGAIN). This is the second set of fingerprints. I will more than likely have to go get a third when I apply for full citizenship.

  • Saving up for a house is hard. We haven't managed to put anything away this year, but we did manage to update A LOT of computer stuff. Our second, larger SSD drives will arrive in time for SWTOR and I couldn't be happier.

  • I have high blood pressure. The Dr. said before he wants to even think of medicating, I am to buy a BP monitor and keep records. Have been doing so.

  • Dr. also said drop as much of the carbohydrates as possible. Am trying ; ; It's hard and I am basically hungry all the time right now.

  • Last thing to get out of the way is Lady Bits. But it has to wait again because our money's tied up in Dr.s

  • Teeth cleaning coming up soon too. Augh.

  • I HAVE PUT UP ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS IN MY HOUSE AND I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS I LOVE IT. <3 All caps for excitement! Christmas is coming! Which means a Who Wants A Mel Christmas Card post + Wish list exchange post is coming up.

  • Created a Holiday wish: hoping for $200 raised from now until Jan 1st for Diabetes.

  • Planning and writing HUGE December event for RDI, this time ON PURPOSE and with ENTHUSIASM and less FEAR

  • NaNoWriMo word count sits at 3707 on day 2. I thinks that's just spiffy and look forward to winning another year.

  • If you'd like to read what I've written so far, I have them up at D.A.

    I also have a huge list of writing resources for fellow NaNoWriMo writers, and they can be found here:

    Also spending way too much time on Google+ and Tumblr.

    P.S, have these:
    eeeeexcellent thisistotallysaneguys

    Hi Live Journal/ Dream Journal. I am bad at keeping up with you now--did I miss anything?--forgive me?
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    ♥ Cost for the Government to process the forms with remove the conditions on my green card: $500. Same lawyer we used to help me get a green card helping us fill these forms out with the proper pieces of proof that I am, in fact, married to Shawn and have been married to him--happily-for the last 2 years + the fees for the paper work: $1800 in total. Interviews are conducted at random. I'll either get my green card in the mail, or they'll call the lawyer and ask me to go to Orlando so they can interview me again, ask me if I am a communist no doubt, again, and will have to pay the lawyer an extra $75 for gas up there. Luckily, the change to remain in this country with my husband forever: priceless.

    ♥ Our computers were starting to show their age. Shawn and I used the left over money from saving up this last year for the lawyer to buy upgrades for our comps. We both now have new motherboards, more RAM, and as well as our old hard drive (298 GB) we both now have another drive, SSD (Solid State Drives), which are 64g. I have windows, avast, trillian, Lord of the Rings Online, Fire fox, thunderbird, and the core bunch of apps I use every single day on the SSD and leave the old hard drive for second to least important stuff. Holy shit SSD's are freaking fast. The entire re-install of windows took maybe 15 minutes, restarting my machine is a blink of an eye and things load just as quickly.

    ♥ The computer upgrades means we have 2 motherboards, a bunch of RAM and pretty much the bare innards for two computers. We're thinking about giving them away for the cost of shipping to anyone on my LJ/Google+/Facebook who can afford the shipping for it. Anyone interested?

    ♥ Some of you who follow me on facebook have been spammed with my newfound awake-at-seven-am-and-walk routine. So far for the month of July Shawn and I have walked every morning between 7:15 and 7:30 and walked 1.5 miles roughly, five times a week. Weds & Sunday we take off. I don't look or feel any less-fat, but the shit I get done during the day! Holy fuckballs batman. It's not like my house wasn't clean before but now it tings like cheesy cleaner commercials. Also, I feel better, mood wise.

    ♥ I really have role played in any public venue outside of Lord of the Rings, in passing, since May. At this moment, I'm not inclined to pick it up again. I miss the people I talked to out of character, of course, that don't talk to me anymore because I don't play--but I don't currently miss the venue I was at. That said, I think I'd like to pick up IM play once a week or two, just to see if I remember how to maek werdz.

    Star Wars the Old Republic pre-order went live this morning at 4:30 am and the Collectors Edition was, as rumor has it, sold out by 5AM. Shawn and I were going to order 1 CE and 1 Deluxe Digital. But since there weren't any Collectors Editions left, we both got Deluxe Digital. So Shawn and I will be in-game early and playing a little earlier than those who didn't or can't afford CE or Deluxe.

    ♥ Took up Lord of the Rings Online again--which went free to play last year but I always choose to play to play. Loving it so much! I got recruited into The Lonely Mountain Band on Landroval and have been having such a wonderful time gaming with people and a community that are so good to each other! Also, they've added a lot more content and quests. Also the game is still absolutely amazingly gorgeous to look at for me. So good times all around.

    What have I missed with you guys? How are you? How are you guys feeling and doing?
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    My birthday is July 2nd. I will be turning a whopping 33 years old, and I am glad to say that I think I'm weird--but O.K.

    There were a few years there during my teens and early 20's that seriously made me doubt if I was going to be O.K, and I have my days in adulthood when emotionally I don't know what's what, but as a human being I guess--what I mean to say is--I think I ended up alright. Could have been much worse.

    Evidence to this fact is ya'll keep me around and send me things which is amazing and wonderful.

    Early in June/end of May I started a Facebook Wish to raise $100 for the American Association of Diabetes. Thanks to Facebook Causes, the guess work as to where the money goes (as long as the charity is legit) is pretty much moot. There's no middle man, for instance, people didn't have to donate to someone's paypal and then hope they in turn, donated to the charity. The whole reason why I picked it.

    I expected to bug a large amount of you with posting about it until my birthday, and plastered it across every major site I am a part of.

    I didn't expect to have $125 raised by the first week. Seriously, I fucking love you--and that's pretty much what I wanted for my birthday this year.

    That said, now that I made my goal I'm left wondering if I could convince people do do more if possible. And, hark! There's still a few things (being the greedy whore that I am) that I'd like to see happen by July 2nd, and if you can bear with me, I'll try and be brief:

    • Force yourself to be happy for one day. It sounds odd as hell, but just do it for me as a birthday gift. All day smile. :D I don't even care if it looks creepy and people avoid you on the train/subway/hallways and give you those eyerolly-wtf-man looks when you do. Just smile and keep it there. All day if you pass a mirror, give it and yourself the ol' finger guns no matter how ridiculous it seems and tell yourself you are one hot motherfucker/bitch/princess/prince/dude/chick and god damn, you are looking fiiiiiiiiiine today. If you think anything negative about yourself that day, follow it up with something positive immediately. I don't care if it's, "I can write pretty e's," or "my brownies are orgasmic," just do it.
    • If you go to Petsmart or Petco to get bird/dog/parrot/fish/cat food and/or supplies and during check out they ask you if you'd be willing to donate to helping homeless animals, please try and donate at least a dollar.
    • If you're at Petsmart or Petco and they happen to have cats/kittens/dogs/puppies up for adoption, adopt one. If you a) can't, please consider donating a buck or two to help whichever shelter is there with the adoptions or b) find out what kind of litter they use/food they feed them and purchase some litter or food for them that day.
    • If you live near a shelter and can't adopt but want to help: if you a) have old ratty towels that look bad but have been washed consider donating them, b) have blankets that have seen better days, consider donating them. c) Have a surplus of kitty or puppy toys, consider donating them. Have time to volunteer work, d) consider donating time.
    • If you are a diabetic and have been letting things slide--and you know what I mean there Miss/Mr. cake slice, a coupla cookies, one frapp from Starbucks, Sweet tea with sugar in it--take care of yourself today. Eat right. Don't skip a meal.Get up in the morning and don't sleep in past your pills/injection times and EAT your breakfast even if you hate it with the white hot passion of one bajillion suns. Remember to check your blood sugars when you are supposed to during the day and go outside and do something. Walk to the end of your driveway. Walk down the road. Take a seat by your garden or visit a park. Just take care of you and be good to yourself today. And then consider doing that from now on.
    • Hug/Kiss/Talk/Call/Visit a family member you haven't in ages. That family member that you keep meaning to call and wonder how they are and keep forgetting or putting it off. Not That family member that did something horrible and no one speaks to anymore--and not the one that you have very good reason not to want contact with anymore. But the other family member. Uncle Bob who you used to have wicked awesome picnics with who isn't doing too good with his health and you keep meaning to call to see how he is and get distracted: that one, yeah. Tell them one good memory of them, or just say hi.
    • Last and very much least, if you still want to get me something for my birthday--and wow, you're crazy amazing--there are a million links to my Amazon Wish List as well as my Torrid clothing wish list for you to peruse and consider, in my Live Journal Profile. In the spirit of wish lists, there are cheap everyday things on it and strange you-really-don't-think-some-random-stranger-would-pay-that-much-to-give-you-a-gift-would-you? on there as well. Please don't think you NEED to buy me anything for my birthday and please do NOT think how much or how little you spend is some sort of means to show you care. I know you do, and I love you all. The gift of not telling me to go take a flying monkey flap when I am being unreasonable and silly, and still be friends with me here and in real life is good enough.

    I love you guys <3 And thank you for reading and all that you do.
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    • I realized I've spent a lot of my life pouring my energy into ventures and people that never gave it back. (Mostly. There are a very places and people I can name that have returned it, surprisingly, it isn't in the expected places.)
    • So I took a break from those ventures and am trying to step back a little from being logged into a messenger at all times, websites and people who eat up my time and energy.
    • You can learn a lot about people when you step away from them. Sometimes.
    • The irony of all that, is that Shawn and I broke down and got Netflix. HOLY. FUCK. BALLS--there is EEEEEEEEVERYTHING on there!
    • And also, more irony is how much I am enjoying playing a free to play MMORPG called Forsaken World in between face-book and mulling about my novel that I haven't even bothered writing about.
    • I wonder if I'm waiting for NaNoWriMo to start to start the re-write of 11th Throne?
    • My order from Adagio teas arrived today. There is so much tea in this house its ridiculous. Hooray!

    Speaking of, I love Live Journal and I love all of you and I read you every day. But I like spamming my facebook account with 2-5 neat article/blog/video links a day and tend to spend more time updating there when I feel spammy, which could lead people to believe I have given up the goat and left LJ. I have no plans to leave this place until it's well and truly dead. And yes, I intend to keep a paid account up until I know the goat is dead. <3

    In the meantime, if you has a facebook, add me (and try and let me know who you are?) here:
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    Not those kind of bullets, silly

    • am not dead!
    • Still walking every night. When we started early Jan. we walked around the entire apartment complex once. And we were all, "PHEW. LAWD. WE SO OUTTA SHAPE FAT PEOPLES" and sweaty. We've been going around it twice for about 2 weeks now and two nights ago I felt like it wasn't enough anymore, so tonight we're moving it to three times around.
    • Shawn in the mean time, gets up early in the morning and does one or two laps. And then does the two/three at night with me. I'm envious, but not ready to give up my late nights to get up early for it.
    • Birds. Birds? Birds. Birds everywhere and more importantly PELLETS. ON ALL THE THINGS.
    • This cleaning business; upped from every couple of days to pick up after the two of us to everday is for the BIRDS. HA HA HA BIRDS, GET IT? IT'S FOR THE--never mind.
    • Valentines day is coming up and I completely forgot to put my Valentinr this year so people could leave virtual Valentines day wishes or anonymous valentines day wishes. Should I even bother this year?
    • Speaking of, on the 13th we're celebrating my in-law's (Shawn's parents) new home they purchased earlier in January. They're all moved in and unpacked, finally. They have a gorgeous backyard with a HUGE screened in back porch and I am seven shades of green over it. We told them to keep our charcoal bbq however, since we're not allowed to use it here at our apartment. So I see excuses to go over there to BBQ more often.
    • My Valentines day gifts consisted of Shawn purchasing Dragon Age: Awakenings, an adventure for Dragon Age: Origins, Leliana's Song and Witch Hunt, also for DA:Origins. March is the release of DA: II and I wanted to get myself pumped up for the release. God I fucking love this game so much. Disappointed though, in Leliana's Song--not because it's not good, but because they took the original backstory for Leliana and completely changed it. Making either Leliana look like she lied to you during Origins, or the developers like goofballs for not matching the story up properly.
    • My other Valentines day gift is a hot-pint ipod shuffle which is PERFECT. My 4rth Gen ipod is SO difficult to manage in pockets or in hand or on a gym machine/when walking, but this little bugger can't weigh more than a finch in the wind. Clips right onto my shirt and voila. Go go go, run, walk, have music. Don't even notice its there. Love, love, love it.
    • Oh yeah, back to RDI Hosting again. Here's to me being better about telling people things, and here's to making a difference some how, also here's to not being able to stand on the sidelines anymore and not DO anything--and also the delicious, pudding like sweetness of eating my own words about 'can never do it again.' Mmm. Chocolate flavored humbleness.
    • I haven't had coffee in forever. I think since beginning of December was my last real cup of coffee. Today I had some because Sunday when we went grocery shopping I noticed International Delight had a CINNABON flavor and sweet jesus I have been craving a cinnamon bun like a 40 year old woman craving that hot 19 year old who roller blades by her house topless every morning, so yeah. Coffee. IT WAS SO GOOD. (Probably not as good as that 19yr old but whatevers.)
    • My mother-in-law bought a paper back copy of Under the Stairs! She took pictures of the book and of the first page of my story, Sixteen Fingers!

    • I am losing some weight due to the walking, but very little. I've been ....just ignoring the scale because that way when I weigh myself randomly? Either way I'll be surprised.
    • Shawn's old phone started to die, so AT&T just sent him a new one. A Samsung Eternity. :( I now have phone Envy.

    Okay, that's about all I have for this month. Enough about me, me, me, what about you, you, you? What's February look like so far for everyone? And do we all vehemently hate valentines day again this year, or don't care, or love it?


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