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The moment you've all been waiting for. ASK DRUNK MEL SHIT, THE VIDEO.

yes my friends. Another drunk Mel Video.
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Past two days Nugget's been fluffed up and sleeping. Little interest in doing his usual things, though he does still eat--he prefers to doot into his little cardboard box and go to sleep. If I picked him up and put him on my shoulder, he'd go to sleep. If I put him on a perch, he'd go to sleep. His droppings were also unusually dark--(almost black), which are all signs of illness of some sort.

We took him to Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital this morning. The Vet said he was definitely sick, took a look at his nare (nose), eyes, and poked around his belly (to check if he might be egg bound--but the Vet said if we had him for several years and he's never laid an egg, he's probably not female).

He took a fecal sample and put it under the microscope there. It revealed no red blood cells, but dark stools could mean anything from cancer, to crop damage, ulcers, tumors, and fungal infection. They're starting Nugget on antibiotics in an incubator and will try and take blood later. We'll have to wait and see what doc says.

So now I guess, we just wait. :/ Yay.

UPDATE: Nugget is most likely suffering from anemia; either from natural causes or metal poisoning. (And so, any toy in his cage with any bit of metal has been removed.) The Dr says, however, that's not conclusive. The best he can do is send him home with antibiotics, we keep him warm and comfortable and keep an eye on him. The Dr's words, were, "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best." And so it is.
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I got FFM # 9 done yesterday but forgot to post it to either of my journals! If you'd like to read what I wrote yesterday for FFM, here's a link to it on Deviant Art:

Kapone, 1 of 2 family dogs picked up by MAS, a shelter with a reputation to illegally selling their picked up dogs and animals, is still missing.

And for my fellow Firefly fans, Firefly Universe, the RP MMO has been picked up by another gaming company, Dark Cryo. So far they are working with fans and cast members and have a webpage up. Can't register yet, but here's the link so you can bookmark it:

I'm off to go pick up some fried chicken and an anniversary cake for Mom and Pop-in-law's 40th, to go with the homemade 'tater salad and sweet tea I made, then pick up grandma and spend all day with the in-laws. I'm sure I'll Google+/Facebook the fun when I can!

How's your Sunday going so far? Whatcha think about the Firefly MMO? How ya doin'
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So not five minutes ago I'm bringing Shawn's damp shirts in from the wash so I can hang them and iron them later. There's a young, 20ish fellow walking his two very small chihuahua mix dogs, one is long haired one is short. He's in the middle of the grass, quite a bit away from me.

There's a well tanned fellow walking down the sidewalk coming our way. He's got a blue shirt with a name tag stuck to it. Probably just got off work. He strides like he's in some television series where striding down halls dramatically are important, and I hear him ask the fellow with the two dogs:

"Did you bring a bag with you so you can pick up your dogs shit?"

Seriously, no lie. Not a hello or anything. And it's not a nicely poised question either, it's said in such a manner as to guarantee to piss someone off. And I'm thinking to myself, okay, yeah, people not picking up after their dogs here is pretty bad. But there's got to be a better way of poising that to people than what this guy did.

And the guy with the dogs just stops and I assume stares at this point. Guy worried about dog shit (henceforth, Guy #1) puts his hands on his hips and continues.

"Because some asshole let their dog take a shit on my front doorstep and I'm tired of it. Pick up after your fucking dogs. If I see one more dog shitting on or near my yard I'm going to kick someone's ass."

And the guy with the two dogs (henceforth Guy #2) snaps.

Guy#2: "Fuck you, asshole. I'm going to let me dogs shit all over your fucking yard and them I'M gonna shit on your doorstep. What fucking business is it of yours whether or not I pick up after my dogs--"
Guy#1: "I'm fucking tired of it--"
Guy#2: "And did you just fucking threaten me? Did you threaten me? Did you just fucking--"
Guy#1: "Whatever man, I--"
Guy#2: Throws his arms wide, a dog leash in each hand. "Come at me bro. Come at me. You wanna fucking say that to my face? Come here you little bitch. Come say it to my face. Come on, I dare you, you little bitch. Come threaten me right here."
Guy#1: Snorts, begins walking away.
Guy:#2 Starts BELLOWING: "WHERE YOU GOING YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCH? HUH? I'M GONNA FOLLOW YOU AND FIND OUT WHERE YOU LIVE. THEN WE'LL SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT. MOTHERFUCKER YOU DIDN'T NEED TO BE A DOUCHEBAG--" In which I am fully, openly standing with an arm load of clothing and watching, HIGHLY amused. While I agree with guy#2 with the dogs, that the other guy--guy#1-- was a douchebag about it entirely, Guy #2 with dogs could have easily laughed in the other fellows face, flipped the bird and continued on with his day. His standing in the middle of the yard, screaming his fool head off doesn't make him look any better at this point.

And then I'm thinking, "Douche lake, dance of the Douchecanoes," would make an interesting ballet.

Guy#2's dogs had both simply laid down on the grass.

Guy#1 keeps walking off.
Guy#2: "Yeah, you're fucking right--walk away little bitch. Walk away. Fuckface." And then stalks him a little longer. Eventually he turns around and whips out his phone. As he does so he sees me and does a double take. I smile my biggest smile :D and wave goofy and continue on my way inside my house.

This is the first time since we moved in last year that I've seen anything remotely confrontational, despite living near a college and despite the fact that the majority of people living here are younger and enjoy drinking far more than their livers can handle. I suppose in retrospect I should have been more worried about my own safety by standing there--but that didn't cross my mind.

I was actually thinking that if either of them came to blows I'd a) be a witness and b) call the fucking cops. And also laughing over it all because who knew such douchebaggery could start over poop? Literally--physical threats over dog shit.

Humans are weird, yo.
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Source: Where’s Kapone? « YesBiscuit!

"So let’s recap: MAS, long suspected of illegally selling impounded Pitbulls, impounded Jersey and Some Other Pitbull together near the Shoup home on the 24th. But they can only account for Jersey being brought into the pound. The mysterious Some Other Pitbull, whom neighbors identify as Kapone, is MIA. Oh and by the way, apparently Kapone ran away from home whilst all this was going on. So by my count, we now not only need to find out “Where’s Kapone?” but also, “Where is this Some Other Pitbull?” because it would seem both are missing. Golly, what a mess.

Missing pets are hardly unusual for MAS whose 2010 records indicate a whopping 155 pets went missing last year. The January 2011 report lists 40 pets missing in that month but in subsequent monthly stats, the missing category has gone missing.

Tl:dr: Pitbulls turned into a shelter. Shelter goes, "Whoops, can't find your dog :D," and they're notorious for selling impounded pitbulls illegally. Yes. That means if you had a pitbull and they broke loose one day and some kind person put them in this shelter, even with a collar and records and proof the dog was owned by someone who will care enough to pick them up--they will sell your dog.

Please help bring this horrible practice to light if you have the time and inclination. Please visit the article and thumb it up, share it in your live journal, send it to friends in an email, link it on facebook, Google+, tweet it and use the #WheresKapone tag, slap it up on Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Mixxit, whatever social media site you have to spread the word.

Let's find Kapone and bring him home. And let's end this despicable practice in a place that is supposed to be known for protection and shelter. Thanks <3


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