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Shawn and I have only been officially married for two years. Although I have been calling him my husband for the nearly 9 we've been together.

We went to Texas de Brazil in Orlando for our anniversary dinner, and then on a whim, Shawn suggested we visit the Kennedy Space Center, because really, what would be more fitting for two geeks to do (at that time, at that place, on the way home in Florida anyway).

So we went and viewed and saw neat space-things, but for me the unexpected highlight of the day was the Star Trek exhibition, featuring authentic movie/episode costumes, props and models. THAT was truly amazing and not expected and something my teen-age-in-love-with-Data-self squeed over.

The small thing that loomed over everything was the knowledge that this July will be the LAST shuttle take off. Funding for the space program here in Florida has been cut off. Florida's "space coast," was built entirely around sending people into space. What will become of it when that stops?

Below this cut the rest of the bajillion pictures of the day.  )
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It is amazing how the feel of a dress changes everything. Snippets of ankles, like teasing tops of well tongued pink poetry lapped by hems, swirled by decorative stitching and beautiful details.

[ profile] horizonchaser and her husband bought and sent me this dress, by Holy Clothing: Pink Rose Bella Peasant Maiden Satin lace up corset A line dress.

It is everything girlish and delicate and light and airy and pink princess-ey I could want and more.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a dress costume. I don't honestly remember what it was for. It was made to be early 1800's, late 1700's and it went down to my toes. I was almost a little too chubby for it but it didn't stop me from sneaking it out in the middle of the night when I stayed over. I would put it on and listen to that soul-satisfying rustlesnapflutter fabric-lick right after I pulled it over my head and the skirting would dream down to my toes.

I'd pick up the skirting in my hands and shake it out or spread it far, just like the elves in Tolkien tales might to dance between the trees, or just like the maids might, skin as pale as milk and eyes dark as coal might, bowing to the lords passing. I'd practice my curtsey's and murmur to the stories I'd live in my head and never write.

One day I stole the dress and put it on in the middle of day in summer. I ran out in bare feet out the door, across the stones leading to the front door. They looked to me as if they were pond stones, medium gray squares with droplets of grass water growing between them. I hopped from each one, skittered over the uneven drive way Grandpa Rawding paved himself and threw myself in a leap into the sun-top-warmed, but bottom-still-cold green of the grass. I pretended I was a lady running from horrible men,being rescued by a knight. I ran and I ran with the skirts out and pressed flat as nervous palms against thighs. I curtseyed to well dressed haughty lords in fine black velvet and danced so fae-light with them I left them charmed. I crumpled dramatically to the ground to watch the way the skirts dripped down me like water from stalagmites, forming bright pools at my knees.

I wrote epics in the air, with no one to see me but my bemused and amused neighbors and my grandmother's lazy susans in her front yard garden. I have always dreamed about dresses, but being as fat as I am now, it is hard to get one that makes me feel like I did then, in a garden of dreams where only lazy susan's see me and my stories.

When I put on the pink dress--right out of the package, washing and grossness and what the fuck ever be damned--it made that sound dresses make after I pulled it over my head. The same sound my grandmother's did, and I remembered all the stories I told to flowers.

I am going to wear this dress on my anniversary, and I am not going to give one single iota of a crap's worth what people think of me in it.

I'm going to wear it on my birthday.

I'm going to wear it in my garden, my bare feet on the grass, whispering my day dreams to my snapdragons who will bob their heads in the wind, old men who listen to the silly stories of young women with star filled eyes.
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Originally posted by [ profile] youthculture at on a more positive note---

Heart & Sole Walk is this weekend! I've gotten a few cash donations from folks at work, but I could use some support from people boosting the signal and donating a few bucks so me and Evan can make it over the hundred dollar mark! Yay!

If you want to know more about The Potter League, you can check out this video of their new facility from 2009!

Donate or link here!
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This is how I bake food sober. You should probably watch this if you like funny shit. I LOLED SO MUCH.

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Ahhh. The trailer is gone?



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