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Apr. 19th, 2017 01:08 pm
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 So today, everyone in my house is Boo boo kitty fuck. Husband? Boo boo kitty fuck. Quaker parrot? Boo Boo Kitty Fuck. Everyone of the five cats? All Boo boo kitty fucks.

No, I don't know why. No, I can't explain why I like it or find it hilarious. Just go with it. 

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This is the ENTIRE story of dealing with having to LEGALLY be in contract, in Florida, with a Septic company if you own an Aerobic Septic System. This is what we've been dealing with. This is why you're gonna hear about that crazy lady in Florida who kills people with glitter.

This fuckery is long so I put it behind this cut )
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Within 30 minutes of my first, real no foolin' play session back at The Red Dragon Inn earlier this month I:
  • Had a character read my characters mind without permission.
  • Read something I had put in actions and use that in their RP in a very, very, very god-mode-y way.
  • Watched thought sniping abound (from a player that does nothing but thought-snipe since The Dawn of Time Anyway)
  • Been filled in that the Bat-shit insane is still bat shit and insane. And in some cases, worse.


Where are all my sane people at? Tell me you haven't been chased away :(


Check out the new post on 2phatgeeks:The Beautiful, Calming sounds of a crazy fat man. Now for your phone!
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The moment you've all been waiting for. ASK DRUNK MEL SHIT, THE VIDEO.

yes my friends. Another drunk Mel Video.
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[personal profile] elf_fu wrote:
"Her viewpoint is not the only one, and terribly one sided. (In response to a quote posted on [personal profile] iibnf's journal from some random person about how moving from LJ to DW is cowing to bullying, somethingsomething giving up our freedom of speech and blah blah. I'd post it, but [personal profile] iibnf apparently removed me promptly from their LJ. Oops. :p)

You also can't sit there and tell people what to do because of your beliefs or ideals or whatever opinion you have--and profess to be doing it all in the name of "free speech and freedom."

Freedom is about choice and the ability and right to make it--even a bad one. Some people have chosen to leave LJ and some have decided to stay. That's all there is to it.

Peeps need to chill."

[personal profile] iibnf's reply was:

"Yeah, I saw your post. Fuck you, too."

Since you removed me from your friends list after/removed me from your filter/whatever/ (LOL OMG PEOPLE DISAGREE WITH ME ON TEH INTERNETS??!1111111oneonetyone!) but let me make good on my promise: You are a poopy diaper fuck face head.

But, don't worry [personal profile] iibnf,I didn't ban you from my journal just because I didn't like what you had to post, or disagreed with you. I did remove you from my friends list, however, as you did the same. Seems only fair!

I'm sure you're having a grand ol' time pulling me apart behind closed doors however, so have fun with that. P.S. someday I hope when you grow up, may you learn what chill the fuck out means. I hear it helps with the blood pressure and stuff.


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