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Mar. 7th, 2007

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If it isn't already obvious, I've quit role playing.

Several reasons:

  • In a chat room with several people, I end up feeling as if my writing is coming into question, not my role playing. I'm fucking sick and tired of PEOPLE being grammar/spelling/punctuation Nazi's. Thank you. You make me feel like an idiot, and suck whatever fucking joy I had, out of the game and into your rententive little ass holes.

  • Stage fright.

  • My life sucked only because I thought it di--CRAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWLING IIIIIIIN MY SKIIIIIIN.

  • Cliques. I wasn't able to fit in, years ago, with the Red Dragon Inn groupies when I started playing. I wasn't able to fit in the MT and their ho down, and I wasn't able to fit in to the DragonsMark, (lol) when it wasn't full of crap. So, what's the point? I'm tired of being told that there aren't any cliques, by the cliques. Suck a bag of dicks.

  • Cyber. Yeah. You know those people who say it isn't important and agreed with me that they didn't care about it/didn't want it/don't make SL's revolving around it? FULL OF SHITCICLES.

  • Drama Llamas. See: BAG OF DICKS. SUCKING.

  • Guilt trips. Oh my god. The guilt trips that were handed to me last December right before I gave up, and RECENTLY WHEN I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN PLAYING. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Thanks for sending me that letter, by the way. I laughed a long time.

Am I coming back? Probably. Sometime this year? Perhaps. People who matter know how to get a hold of me. They can write a letter just as much as I can, and have.

I've shelved Shadow for good. Too much crap for her, thnx much. Keeping Suliss', but I'm pretty sure the person I played her with has gone about their business elsewhere, already so-- what's the point?

That's the state of my rp and I am happy with not playing.
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This is our car.

Shawn was called by a bank today. Bank peoples might want to hire him to do the devils work, and loans. This much closer to our own place again. Good Christ--to have privacy.

Well, even if he doesn't get the job, I think it's a good sign they called him.
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I feel the urge to drive more of you away from reading with an entirely pink layout.

That's right. Pink. Yes. I'm feeling horribly girly lately.


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