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May. 21st, 2007

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I baked cookies last night to be desert to today's shrimp/rice/portobello/salmon/asparagus grill day. The recipe is called My Big, Fat Chocolate Chip cookies. )I think it's the best recipe for 'chip cookies I've made yet.

Shawn tells me when I cook something well and I taste them for the first time I do this little butt wriggle, side to side weight shift dance as I'm standing in the middle of pots, pans, mixing bowls and the kitchen taste testing. He then labels whatever I'm eating, "Happy __(Insert food here.)"

It's from when I made my orange cup cakes with cream cheese orange frosting and they were so good that I did my little dance when I ate them -- which started him doing the little dance while eating them, which started a horrible chain reaction of me calling them happy cakes, or happy cuppy cakes, which then further immortalized anything pastry-ish or sweet I make as "happy (insert food here.)"

So this is where the Happy Cup Cake Dance came from, and why the cookies were renamed to Happy Chocolate Chip cookies, and perhaps why people think I'm weird.

It's okay, I'll bake them a cookie and send them some happy.
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I'm getting spam via my live journal e-mail. This really annoys me.

Oh I understand why. It just sucks.


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