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May. 30th, 2007

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Most of the time, the utter stupidity found on Yahoo! answers makes me wish I had a long spork that worked over the internet. Today, I found this gem that made me laugh.

Taken directly from the Yahoo! Answers site.

The Emperor
About me:
Name: Palpatine
Sign: Aries
Hobbies: Galactic domination, exploitation of Force powers, sudoku.
Turn Ons: Attractive hooded robes, frying people with lightning
Turn Offs: Disobedient underlings, Jedi, shoddy Death Star manufacturing, green foods
Person I most Admire: Stalin
Favorite vacation spot: Cambodia

Question the Emperor asked: Is fur murder?

The Galactic Senate takes offense to my new Ewok-skin robe. How shall I punish them for their insolence?

So. Amused. Right. Now.
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It's all over every fandom Community, [ profile] rachaelwynter has a great entry on it and [ profile] femmequixotic has quite the informative post about this.

Just in case other's of you who watch me don't know, WFI (Warriors For Innocence Organization) is supposedly(I wish there was a sarcasm font.) spam-reporting ANY journal that REMOTELY mentions anything untoward regarding children.

The majority of journals being suspended and deleted are role player's, creative writing and fan -fics. IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE, OR ARE PART OF ONE, BACK YO' SHIT UP, NOW. IT COULD BE GONE WITHIN SECONDS.

I am not currently aware of Six Apart/Live journal re instating any of the suspended journals that were wrongfully hit, and apparently aren't going to in the future. So, if you know someone, or are that some one who owns a journal you think may even remotely fall under their eye, I suggest letting them know and if you don't back up everything you write already--now is a REALLY good time to start.
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Hiiiighwayyyyy to the, toooop soiiil.

Garden Then )

Garden now:

This is our garden of dirt, currently. She's a very modest 10 feet by six feet, and we've finally got most of the weeds and sod gone for good. About two to three feet of aerated soil. Shawn or I rake and or till it everyday to keep the little weed seedlings confused and unhappy.

We can't afford to get the bricks to edge it yet, but when we do, we'll have it a good eight inches or more raised from the ground, and obviously we'll have way more soil added.

Huzzah! One more step closer.


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