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Jun. 9th, 2007

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It's sort of funny to think that in order to finish our garden, we had to buy dirt. You'd think the dirt in our backyard, with all the work we've done to prepare it would be enough. It isn't, really, because it's not "dirt," in that sense. It's sand. Thousands of years ago, in the time when Shawn was young, the entirety of Florida was covered by the ocean and the ocean floor 'round these here parts just happen to be sand.

Thousands of years later, once Shawn reached middle-aged-hood, Florida became covered in humans but the sand remained. We needed dirt. We needed cheap dirt, dirt cheap. (Bada-bump-bump-ching.)

We took a look at prices over at Lowe's. Five bucks for a 5 pound bag, twenty for 10. We checked Home Depot and their prices were pretty much exact give or take a few cents. And then we checked Walmart.

1.29 for a FORTY pound bag of dirt. Sweet jesus naked on a trampoline! Walmart wins!

So Shawn figured out how many we'd need to fill in the raised garden bed, and that's about 20 bags. Today I get to haul 40 pound bags of dirt in 90 degree Florida weather while Shawn puts the edging around the garden, wish me luck and I'll try and remember to take pictures of it when we're (dead) done!
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That's not 100% true. I did take pictures, but well after dragging all 20 bags, 40 pounds each, of dirt to the garden.

This is where we found out we calculated the correct amount of dirt!

...For a much lower garden. We'll probably need another 20 bags of dirt at least. We've raised it 10 inches off the ground, not 8, and there's the matter of some of the dirt getting packed down after the edges went in.

Now, I will stfu and show you the goodies!

Nugget watched over the project with an eagle eye.

The edging of the bed just starting.

Nugget's friend, Baby, our next door neighbors green conure (I think?) had an important message to tell all of you. "karatz r delishus n' nootrishush nomoumoum."

Our neighbor, Velma, has a green thumb even though it's difficult for her to garden anymore. She's got a lovely little Bleeding Heart plant though.

I don't know what these are, either, but they're growing in Velma's yard.

Velma says these are Gardenias, and that they're being overrun with bugs and dying. That's a shame, they smell wonderful and look the same.

Uh-oh. Someones impatient foot tap reminded me that I had a garden to work on.

Not bad, though we'll need more dirt.

Nugget approves by giving us his good side--

as the sun begins to set.



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