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Jul. 21st, 2007

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Today is Flora's first official Vet Visit not-being in a shelter forever home -day. Hooray!

I can now move my head without wishing I was dead. Hooray!

Now if I could only train the cat to bring me my slippers...
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We took Flora into the vet with her harness and leash, bringing her carrier with us but not using it.

We didn't need to. Despite the fact the Vet's office was filled with dogs, she sat on the end of my knee while we waited, fluffed tail and all and simply warily eyed all the canines from her lofty perch.

When the Vet met her, she commented on what a well behaved little kitty she was. Shawn and I automatically showed off our twin hands of scratched-meat to which we warned her all that is sweetness and light is not always so.

We also had to warn the Vet she bit noses, because the Vet decided to give her a little kiss--perfect nose-biting distance.

She had to get her distemper, Feline Leukemia, and that's when Flora showed her true colors. Nine pounds of clawed, bristly death. Shawn and I did warn them...It's not like she'd ever behaved that badly with us before, but the both of us knew instantly from her behavior with other things that she wasn't the sort of kitty you could handle as easy as Raven.

It took three Vet techs to hold her down to give her shots, and the two of use to make sure we had the carrier steady to collect the cat after the shot was given.

Flora wasn't interested in going back into the carrier, but immediately after being let go, turning about to hiss and swat at the exact person who injected her. The Tech she tried to swat seemed surprised, "I've never had that happen before!"

After, Shawn and I brought her home and she was good as gold on the way home. We went out to get groceries then popped over to the beach so I could take pictures.

Flora's not too happy now that the shots have kicked in, and while distracted from the constant, my neck is still spasming and I wish it would stop.


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