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Aug. 9th, 2007


Aug. 9th, 2007 04:56 pm
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Much like [ profile] theferret, I've been finding myself in a little bit of a slump as to what to write and blog about lately.

He had a great idea, and that was to pimp your best posts. So, let me have it. What's the best blog post you've written this summer?
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The next time I ask for your best posts and I don't get them, I'm going to voice-post me singing Celine Dion. And I'm going to make it intentionally worse than normal; since I can't sing at all in the first place, I'll let you stew upon that. Let your ears shrink away in horror and attempt to crawl into your eyes for safety.

In other news, as well as being in the closed beta for Tabula Rasa, Shawn and I got into the beta for Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

"Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising is a unique massively multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG) set in the legendary world of ancient Rome. For the people of the great Roman Republic, myths and legends were not mere tales, magic was very real, and their fledgling civilization was anything but an assured place in history."

Hooray for a probably severely historically incorrect game! But, fuck it. It's got Romans! If they ever came out with an Egyptian MMORPG I'd be all over that, too, bitches.

If you guys are like us and poo', but like MMORPG's, you should consider trying to beta for games. There are lots out there. I keep an eye out on Guildcafe for Beta give aways and tryouts, as well as Fileplanet.

The pros to any Beta testing, of course, is the chance to try a game before shelling out a kidney for it, and it's FREE!

The cons would be the fact, of course, it's beta. Depending on the stage of Beta and funding, it may be riddled with bugs or unstable enough to cause issues with your computer, or be unplayable. Though the latter I haven't have any issues with.

Have I given up on Beta testing for Tabula Rasa? Fuck, no! But I have made a promise to myself not to grind my face into play everyday until I am sick of it, and I've kept it. I generally only play it on the weekends, not to mention you can only play it on certain scheduled evenings!

So, that's my advice to ya'll poo' geeks like myself. Beta test + Keep an eye out for lists of free to play games.

P.S -- If any of ya'll sign up for Guildcafe, let me know and I'll add you/you can add me! I'm Epicrueanpoetry there, of course.


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