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Aug. 10th, 2007

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All of you, please thank [ profile] ferriludant as he saved you from my devious plan of punishing you all anyway with a voice post of me singing. But don't get comfy, oh no. Some day, DOOOOOOM may visit you!

Which reminded that I haven't had a lot of chance to thank some of you. So.

  • [ profile] bhanfhlaith You've been with this journal, and with me, since the days when all I did with it was update news from Tael'Aen and quizes in 2005. Now you've had the chance to read about my cat's snot, my sex life, my pimples, and my husband's gas--and you are still here. Thank you for that, and I know I'm not the best commenter at times, but I wish you luck in your current asshattery going on.

  • [ profile] joecifur You've been here the same amount of time, and I'm so glad for your comments and the hilarity of them, as well having the chance to read yours. I may not know you very well, but you've brought a shitton of lawls my way, thanks.

  • [ profile] thedreamking I think we originally met over a lightdark table, which me mocked forever and there was lulz and then we didn't see each other for several years. When we did, we remembered, not only that, we role played together for a bit and then decided we were both crazy. It was good then, it's still good on the occasion we speak, but you're still a blankie. :) :) :) !!!!!!!!

  • [ profile] youthculture I believe your first official post was to reply to something I was down about with a kitton wrapped in tinsel. You're hilarious and talented and 'going places' and I'm glad to be able to watch.

  • Who's been watching YOU and commenting since the very beginning?

    It always amazes me how long you can know someone online, be privileged to read their secrets, and never truly thank or know them, eh?

    Well, here's me covering the first part. :D


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