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Sep. 15th, 2007

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Back Story

It's early May. Shawn's mother has just told us that it's all right for us to finally adopt a cat. We rush on down to our local pet smart that weekend. They always bring in cats from the shelter for adoption and do not sell dogs or cats. We go, and there's only one, middle aged cat there.

We meet The Cat Rescue Guy. We don't know his name actually. He's always there with the cats. Always taking a cat in or taking a cat out or buying cat food or talking to people near the cat cages because his cats are up for adoption.

We meet The Cat Rescue Guy and talk about the orange tabby there for adoption. He didn't want to let orange Tabby go because Orange had a lot of teeth problems that needed to be addresses throughly before adoption. We got talking to The Cat Rescue Guy and found him to be a pretty awesome guy.

We continue to see The Cat Rescue Guy every single time we go to the pet Store.

Earlier Today

Fast forward to today, we're in line with 24 cans of adult science diet wet and a big bag of adult science diet dry for cats. We're not really paying too much attention to the person in front of us because it's busy, it's a store, we're just in and out shopping. That's when the guy in front turns enough for us to see his profile.

It's The Cat Rescue Guy and he's got a tray of cat food he's about to pay for. Shawn, without prompt, hands me the basket of cat food leaving me blinking a little.

Turns out he just wanted to pay for all of The Cat Guys' Rescue cat food.

And that's why I love him to itty, bitty, teeny, wheeny, bits.


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