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Nov. 24th, 2007

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So I've decided that I want to send out Christmas Cards via snail mail this year.

In order for that to happen, you have to, y'know--leave me your snail-mail address. I know some of you won't and some of you will if you can give them without the entire world seeing them.


If you would like to receive a Christmas card this year via snail mail, please leave your address as a comment. All comments are screened and only visible by me. If you put this up on your journal, I'll give you my addy too! Let's make Christmas card-tastic!
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Shawn let me have part 1 of many-parts Christmas gifts this evening. It happened to be a 50$ Barnes & Nobles gift card.

Later, we hit the mall and he bought these wonderful little candles. One smells like pine trees, one is called 'winter,' and the last is 'Spice.' Winter does a pretty good impression of what my memories recall a world coated in the long sleep of snow, perfumed, smells like. Spice of course is cinnamon.

The thing that caught me the most were the bells woven on ribbons atop each candle's box. I took one bell from each and wove it about a ribbon which I tied to my hair elastic.

Don't forget to check out my Christmas Card exchange entry to drop off your address! I'll write you a little note inside the card, I promise! :P

I'm sorry for some of the quality. I dunno how to take pics at night but! My pictures of the Christmas lights up at Wickham park: let me show you them!


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