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Dec. 7th, 2007

elf_fu: (Dread Cap'n squishy pants.)
If you've missed it, SOE's Pirate's of the Burning Sea, as of December 03 of this year is now in Open Beta.

From the Pirates of the Burning Sea web site:
The year is 1720 and the New World is on fire.

England, France, and Spain have unleashed their forces on the Caribbean. Naval officers captain massive warships through bloody engagements at sea. Freetraders charge through blockades and smuggle the war material needed to conquer the enemy’s ports. Privateers raid enemy shipping, looting ships of their treasure and rival nations of their glory.

Through it all sail the Pirates. Bloody, bold, and resolute, they serve no flag and heed no king. They live free, fight hard, and obey only fate.

Since the NDA is lifted, I'd like to share with ya'll some info. I just finished the tutorial, so be patient, this is all I have so far:
  • Character customization is not as limiting clothing wise, but still not broad in range. You're limited facial features wise, yet, the choice and color for your clothing is a vast improvement. I'd call it middling to poor, or on a scale of 1-10, 6.
  • You do indeed, get handed your own ship to start with.
    Quests seem to be all instances where you are whisked away into and brought back when finished.So I think if the turorial is any judge. I'll come back to update.
  • NPC's speak. Have super cheesy lines.
  • Though you can choose what class you'd like to be, once you choose your nationality, British, Spanish, French--you can't change it for all of your characters. (I think. I know I can't seem to choose Spanish after choosing British. :P)

    And if you want to know what I chose, I didn't chose to play a Pirate. My first choice was a British Naval Officer. :p

    And now, a large tutorial fresh screen shot )

    The general feeling is something amusing so far. I think the biggest thing which is holding me back and making me cautious is that this is another SOE game. As some of you may or may not know, SOE became notorious with Star Wars: Galaxies, changing the entire system of the game and the way it's played--not once--but twice. Losing pretty much all but a few most stubborn of it's player base there.

    Did SOE learn? It said it did. But proceeded to mirror the same actions and system change with EverQuest II.

    Some say SOE learned its lesson, but I, after wasting good money and a lot of wide-eyed wonder at games-that-should-have-been, am jaded.

    We shall see.
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